Bridging the Gap Between Rehab and Health

So you can do the things you love to do

An Integrated and Personalized Approach to Help You Get Relief From

Pain, Prevent Injury and Improve Performance


When it comes to improving health and performance, a one-size-fits-all approach fits no one well.

That’s why effective rehabilitation and training must be customized to your personal needs and goals.


How I work with you



I’ll listen to you and gather enough information until I really understand your goals and how your body functions


I take a holistic approach to assessment, which reflects how our bodies work, to identify and eliminate potential roadblocks


I Work with you To Create A Personalized Plan Based On Your Needs That Helps You Achieve Your Goal

bridging the gap between

rehab and health




Injury Care - Get pain free and recover faster

Using a holistic approach to injury, I look beyond the symptoms to perform a complete evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas, looking for deficiencies and weaknesses that could have factored into the cause of the injury.

Then, after an extensive evaluation, I provide one-on-one, personalized care designed to treat not just the injury but also the overall person.

Individualized Personal Training - Prevent Injury, Gain Flexibility, Have more Endurance and Get Stronger.

Whether it’s running your first race or wanting the fitness to keep up with your grandchildren, everyone deserves a training plan that’s customized for their needs and goals and will help them go beyond what they imagined was possible.

Using a holistic approach, I perform a complete evaluation of your how you move, the ability of your heart and lungs to supply blood and oxygen to your body and your lifestyle habits, including things like sleep and nutrition. Using this information we have a starting point for your exercise program, including potential deficiencies and weaknesses that may contribute to injury.

Whether you live locally area or somewhere else in the world, we then work together, in-person or remotely, to create a customized personal training plan to help you prevent injury, improve your health or increase performance. Using TrueCoach as the coaching platform, I monitor and adjust plans when needed, whether it means scaling back or ramping up because a goal has been surpassed.


McGill Comprehensive Back Assessment

Typically for people that have failed with several previous clinical approaches, this comprehensive 3 hour assessment is designed to assess what’s causing the pain and show you how to stop the cause of your pain. Then I show you how to build a foundation for pain-free movement.